Russian Fan Met Rishi Kapoor At A Hair Salon In New York – Here’s What Happened


Rishi Kapoor is undergoing cancer treatments in the United States. As we all know the actor is quite dedicated in meeting his fans on a suspended path. Also, his tweets and replies through twitter make him connected with his fans.

At BIG APPLE – A hair salon in new york, Russian fan of Rishi Kapoor encountered him on a surprised manner and started to sing Main Shayar To Nahin… Song from rishi’s 1973 movie Bobby. Upon spotting Rishi Kapoor, This Russian fan took his dairy off the pocket and started to sing this 1973’s melody.

Blushingly Overloaded Rishi Kapoor shared this video on his twitter profiles saying “My anthem played in a salon whilst getting a hair cut. Russian recognized me and played it from his notebook. Thank you, Sergei.

Rishi is undergoing unknown treatments in united states. Reports say that he is counting his days to return to India for the treatment. He has already been visited by a few Bollywood celebs including Deepika Padukone, Aamir, Alia, and Karan Johar.


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