Rakhi Sawant Says Good Bye To The Film Industry


This most known start is about to get married. Rakhi Sawant who is known for her social media gossip is about to get tied up to an NRI Hubby. Buzz is that she wants to get settle with her hubby in the UK.

Rakhi Sawant comes again to the limelight saying that she got married to a businessman living in the UK. After 45 days of her marriage, she is about to live with her hubby in the UK.

Rakhi Sawant Says Good Bye To The Film Industry
Image Source: filmy update

Praising her fans, she has posted a video on social media requesting everyone to give one last hit for her new song Chappan Churi. In the video, she had expressed her emotions saying that she sacrificed more than 15 years to the industry. As my permanent send-off gift me my new song to viral.

Right now the video is trending on 6th position on youtube. In the context, rakhi praised to share her video so that it can get to top the first position of the trend section.

Recent limelight came recently regarding her DRESS. While the launch of her song CHAPPAN CHURI she wored a golden grown which look transparent. As usual, fans trolled her on all the social media platforms. Later Rakhi clarified that the lighting effects made the dress transparent. In the past, she didn’t have enough knowledge of the dress.


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