Rabir Kapoor Convicts That He Had Cheated Deepika Padukone While They Were In A Relationship


In his recent interview – Ranbir Kapoor has agreed to the fact that he cheated Deepika in love. Now he is soon to get tie-up with Alia Bhatt.

In 2007 these two Bollywood actors were in a deep relation. Their chemistry was loved by the fans behind and on the screen. Soon after their bonding, Deepika broked up the relation in 2009. A plethora of statements were made against each other. Deepika has also admitted that she went into severe depression after breaking up with Ranbir.

While the shoot of ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani‘ Ranbir got closer with Katrina soon after his breakup with Deepika. This relation started in 2009 and made rumours spread that Katrina was the reason for breaking Deepikas relation with Ranbir. Katrina’s closeness with Ranbir increased the proximity – He was kept away from Deepika. Amidst these reports, there was a statement from Ranbir which had been in considerable discussion.

Rabir Kapoor Convicts That He Had Cheated Deepika Padukone While They Were In A Relationship
Image Source: Filmy Buzz

In 2011 – Ranbir admitted in an interview betraying Deepika. He said ‘Due to lack of maturity, he cheated Deepika’. You get to realize the mistakes of the past when you grew up and give more importance to it.

As per the report – He said ‘Confidence breaks the deal.’ In the same sense Respect and Trust cant be back. These two are the major factors in any relationship. In the same time, Ranbir got broke up Katrina also. Now all of these three actors have moved a step ahead and are successful in their field. Deepika got tied with Ranveer Singh.

And these days, Ranbir Sing and Bollywood queen Alia Bhatt are in a relation of love. Buzz is that Alia might soon get tied to Ranbir. As both of their families accepted their relation.


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